How do I know which program my student athlete should be in?

Splashball is for younger players who are new to the sport of water polo. If your child is age 8 - 10, splashball is the program for you.

Age group is the next level of progression. If your child is age 10-13, age group is for you. Experienced players younger than age 10 may be permitted to join the age group program with the coach’s approval. Within the age group program, players will be sorted into divisions (12U & 14U) by the coach.

High School program is for all athletes, regardless of experience level, who are entering 9th - 12th grade in the coming fall.

Do you offer a Master’s program?

We will offer a master’s program as soon as there is enough interest. If you are interested in joining a master’s water polo program, please email the SLO Water Polo Club Director.

What do the programs cost?

SplashBall: $75 monthly 

Age Group: $100 monthly

HS Spring Scrimmages: $100

HS Summer Program: $400


Do you offer a sibling discount?   Yes!

  • 2 Athletes - 10% 

  • 3 Athletes - 15% 

  • 4 or more Athletes - 20%

Do you offer scholarships or payment plans?

Scholarships may be awarded to dedicated athletes, who without this financial assistance would not be able to participate in one of the SLoWPC programs. Scholarships are only available to cover the cost of registration fees and are not available to cover any additional costs (suits, equipment, USA Water Polo membership, travel costs, etc). Scholarship amounts range from payment plans to discounts of up to 50%. (Additional assistance may be awarded in extreme hardship situations.)

Scholarship applications need to be submitted prior to program registration. For more information on scholarships and payment plans, click here.

Do we have to register with USA Water Polo? If so, how?

All players MUST be registered with USA Water Polo in order to participate in club programs. Information and a link to register can be found on our registration page at Step 2.

What equipment is needed? Do I need a particular suit?

All you really need is a suit, towel, and water bottle.

SLoWPC has team suits available for purchase through our online store at the beginning of each season. Please ask your coach about availability. Team suits are not required but preferred.

Boys should wear “Water Polo Briefs", commonly referred to as speedos. There is a difference between water polo briefs and swim briefs (racing suits), water polo briefs tend to be thicker and more durable, either style is acceptable. Jammers are also allowed, but are not recommended.

Girls need to wear a water polo one piece - with a high neck, zip back, and thick shoulder straps.

Goggles are permitted for warm-up laps, but are not worn during the rest of practice. Most players do not bring their goggles to water polo.

Athletes with medium to long hair will want to wear a swim cap. Swim caps can be worn under game caps. Game caps by themselves are not snug enough to hold hair back. 

Athletes with braces should check with their orthodontist for recommendations on protective mouthwear. Mouthguards are permitted, but are not required.

When does each season start?

SplashBall:  Spring 2018 TBD

Age Group:  Spring 2018 TBD

HS Summer Program: Summer 2018 TBD

Where do we practice?

SLoWPC practices are held at SLO Swim Center: 900 Southwood Drive in San Luis Obispo, CA.